Range Rover fans will be pleased to know that the new Range Rover Sport Limited has been test driven in Dubai, and can be expected on the floors for its new launch this summer. Loyal owners have realized the privilege of owning a vehicle that has class, and has all the functionality of a SUV whilst still being a fantastic off road vehicle. Range rover has long been the choice for a lot of off road enthusiasts and the new range rover has promised to deliver with its newest addition.

Many other types of 4X4’s and SUV’s have lost their sporty looks, with never ending upgrades by automobile factories. Many of these vehicles are hardly ever used for off road and heavy duty purposes, thus is only for status and luxury city use. The new Range rover have been used in off road areas within Dubai and word has spread that the new model is not just all about complete luxury.

Range Rover is a well-known vehicle worldwide, thus with the latest model you can expect to have nothing less than the best in this vehicle. The motor engine has increased with power and greener living with much less carbon dioxide discharge. The Engine has been improved to a 256PS from a 245PS with a carbon dioxide discharge of 230g/km as to 243g/km per previous models. Also on the market is the much smaller engine of 211PS that now only produces 224g/km of carbon dioxide.

Another superb fitting would be the 8 speed automatic gear box. It is extremely efficient on the fuel use, thus giving an impressive reduction amount in CO2 release. The automatic tail gate is one of the features you will love most about the new ranger rover, it is opened just by a touch of a button and the opening height can be adjusted to the users liking it is also fitted with advances vehicle tracking software. With all these extras and so much more this off road sports vehicle is sure to impress the best enthusiast.