The BMW M2 was met with plenty of derision when it was launched a few years ago. The comments mainly related to its appearance But as time passes it has gained more and more popularity, especially with the tuners of the world. The Manhart MH2 GTR II is the latest crazy creation based on BMW’s smallest M car.

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Turned to 11

The Manhart MH2 GTR II starts with an excellent base in the form of the BMW M2. A turbocharged inline six, that develops 338 kW and 550 N.m, powers the M2 in standard form. BMW offers the M2 in rear-wheel-drive only guise. This is a departure from the AWD BMW M3/4, or indeed the AWD BMW M240i.

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Just looking at the car in the pics you know it’s not standard. Manhart has turned up the power to a whopping 526 kW with an additional 300 N.m of torque over standard. To achieve this Manhart remapped the ECU and fitted the engine with a carbon-fibre intake. The company does not quote a zero-to-100 km/h sprint time, but says that the limited-edition MH2 GTR can blast from 100 to 200 km/h in just 5,76 seconds

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Standing Out

The Manhart MH2 GTR II really stands out thanks to the magenta paintwork with champagne-coloured decals. The decals match the staggered (20-inch front and 21 rear) alloys. The arch gap is closed thanks to a Variant 4 coilovers by KW Suspensions

The company has also fitted an array of carbon attachments to the bodywork. This includes a bonnet attachment, kidney grille, front bumper inserts, and front spoiler. Other styling upgrades include a lip spoiler lip, a fixed rear wing and side skirts.