This piece about a few Porsche Le Mans concepts isn’t completely new, but we like sharing stories of petrolheads who achieve their dreams.

Shanghai living

Five petrolheads: Alan Derosier, Marcos Beltrao, Martin Peng, Guillermo Mignot and Tom Wheatley all work for a Chinese car manufacturer. In their spare time, the team of highly talented individuals was busy designing a modern take on an old Porsche Le Mans racecar.

Back to basics

In their own words: “We wanted to create a car that nobody makes anymore. A back-to-basics kind of feel mainly focused on generating a feeling for the love of racing. A car for real car guys and piston heads just like us. A car that would give you goosebumps just by imagining yourself driving it.

Note the wooden gearknob as it was in the original 917

Note the wooden gearknob as it was in the original 917

Forget about sequential transmission with paddles shifter, there’s nothing like a good, old mechanical shifter. A purely manual car, like many Porsche guys miss nowadays. We wanted to give it an advanced look with a truly mechanical soul, the form follows function” ideology of Porsche.”

You can see the latest Porsche sports prototype set a Spa-Francorchamps lap record by clicking here.

A new 908 LH

The team started out by creating reimagined Porsche Le Mans concepts of the 908 LH that had been updated for modern use. After that project gained some traction online, the team was contacted by Porsche themselves.

Original Porsche 908 LH

Original Porsche 908 LH

Thankfully the German firm wasn’t calling to threaten legal action, but rather, they wanted to showcase the work the team had carried out. More than that, they also asked the same guys to design a modern-day RSR version of their 908. The new iteration would use elements from the Le Mans-winning Porsche 919 combined some from the older racers.

Porsche created this website to showcase their work and commissioned the video below to let the car enthusiasts tell their own story. Good on yer Porsche.