In a time when sports- and supercars are sold by the thousands, owners have increasingly turned towards vehicle customisation and personalisation to ensure they stand out from the masses. Now the chaps from Stuttgart have come up with the most unique way to personalise your Porsche, with your very own fingerprint. Learn more about the new 911 at this link.

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High-tech solution

Porsche has employed an innovative direct printing method to print graphics onto painted body parts of a vehicle. First to enjoy this level personalisation are customers who purchase a new 911. New 911 owners can have their own fingerprint printed on the bonnet of their car. Porsche is currently working on other customer-specific designs. After the robot paints the unique design, a clear coat is applied. The cost to personalise your Porsche is 7 500 euros in Germany.

Direct printing is similar to that of an inkjet printer. A print head applies paint to three-dimensional components automatically and without overspray. “The ability to control the nozzles individually permits targeted application of every paint droplet,” explains Christian Will, vice president production development at Porsche AG. “The complexity is due to the necessity of harmonising three technologies: robot technology (control, sensors, programming), application technology (print head, graphic handling) and paint technology (application process, paint).”

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In his own words

“Individuality is very important for Porsche customers. And no design can be more personal than your own fingerprint,” says Alexander Fabig, vice president individualization and classic. “Porsche is a pioneer in personalisation and has developed the direct printing method together with partners. We’re especially proud of having developed a completely new product offering based on new technologies. A key factor in this was the different disciplines working together in the project team.”