Lieutenant Frank Bullitt ensured the Ford Mustang was immortalised as one of the coolest movie cars ever, when he chased the bad guys Dodge Charger through the streets of San Francisco.

Real action

Unlike almost every other movie car chase scene filmed up until that point, the Bullitt chase was shot in real time on location. There was no speeding up of the action or Hollywood back-lot driving.

Click here for a trailer for the movie Bullitt. You can watch the famous car chase scene at the bottom of this post.

An homage…

Ford revived the Bullitt name at the Detroit Motor Show in 2017 for the latest Mustang. This new car will be seen at the upcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Ford Mustang Bullitt, fittingly, features a 5,0-litre V8 that develops 338 kW and can top 260 km/h.

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… and the original

The new car will appear alongside the original car from the movie, which was believed lost for nearly 40 years. The 1968 car has been restored and will be accompanied by owner Sean Kiernan.

The car driven by the Steve “King of Cool” McQueen was sold by Warner Bros after filming was completed. For decades no one knew of its whereabouts, until recently when its owner made contact with Ford.

The Duke of Richmond and Gordon, founder of Goodwood Festival of Speed, said: “We’re delighted to announce that these two incredible cars are making their Goodwood Festival of Speed debut and driving up the hill in front of fans.

“Bullitt is one of the greatest celebrations of high-speed motoring in cinema history making the Festival a perfect home for the pair of Mustangs. To have the original icon joined by its modern-day successor exactly 50 years later is a fantastic way to mark our own special anniversary.”