Automakers must really despise spy photographers. OEMs try their best to disguise new models in a bid to surprise the public when the official unveiling takes place. But those days are seemingly long gone as more car manufacturers try to control the flow of information regarding their own products. The next-gen Honda Civic Type R is a good example as these images were released by the brand’s official Twitter account.

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The images were tweeted along with the caption: What’s adrenaline-fueled, camouflaged and ready for testing? The new Honda Civic #TypeR! Stay tuned for more thrills. Aside from that caption there was no info released on the upcoming hot hatch. However, we can spy some info from the pics alone. 

We can see an intercooler mounted inside the front bumper, which leads us to believe that the next-gen Honda Civic Type R will be turbocharged, like its predecessor. Reports abroad suggest that the same 2,0-litre motor will be retained but that it will boast a modest power increase over the current Type R’s 228 kW/400 N.m. Other info we learned is that the new car will also be fitted solely with a six-speed manual transmission.

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Other visible cues are the multi-pot Brembo calipers that are partially shrouded by massive alloys. The latter are shod with Michelin footwear, presumably of the sticky Pilot variety. At the rear we see three tailpipe finishers poking out from the rear bumper. The rear wing seems less shouty than the same item on the outgoing model, but it does appear to have adjustable mounts.

A test mule was spotted testing at the Nurburgring just around the same time that Honda released the teaser images. You can see and listen to the car in the video below. Honda is probably testing its performance hatch in the area around the famous track and we’d bet it releases a lap time recorded at the Green Hell when the car makes its official debut.