A few months ago we brought you the article (below) about the new Mercedes-AMG C63 testing at the Nurburgring. More C63 test mules have been spotted testing so we decided to update the original post with a new video (bottom of this page). In the new video, the spy videographer gets a close look at one of the test mules parked in an underground lot.

Mercedes-AMG made the announcement that the new generation C-Class performance derivatives will be powered by four-cylinder engines a few months ago. The new car will have half the cylinders and it will be electrified. Fans of the brand are probably sad to note that the rip-snorting V8-powered C63 will be no more. More importantly, they are probably keen to know how the new car sounds. Now we have the answer as cameramen have spotted the new Mercedes-AMG C63 testing at the Nurburgring Nordschleife.

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Mercedes-AMG was the last of the Teutonic Trio to hold on to V8 power. This is in contrast to BMW and Audi both of which went back to six cylinder powerplants for their performance rivals. The folks from Affalterbach have taken a massive step in fitting the W206 performance versions with a four cylinder engine mated with a powerful electric component. This is to deal with ever-tightening emissions regulations.

The four-cylinder 2,0-litre turbocharged engine will be familiar from the ‘45’ series models. Although the engine has been turned to a longitudinal orientation in the sedan. Power from the petrol unit will be ramped up to 330 kW. Additionally, it will be combined with an electric motor developing up to 150 kW/320 N.m, depending the badge it carries. As a result, peak power is reported to be over 470 kW, but just be for short bursts. A steady 375 kW will be on tap when not in the heightened ‘power’ mode.

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The electric drive unit and battery will be placed over the rear axle. Electric drive is sent to the rear wheels through a two-speed transmission and limited-slip differential. In addition, the electric power unit can send power to the front wheels when required. Interestingly, when drivers apply too much power the control electronics use it to recharge the battery rather than allowing the ESP to intervene. A 0-100 km/h sprint time of under 3,5 seconds has been mooted for the upcoming performance halo. You can read more about the high-tech, F1-inspired powerplant at this link.

You can hear the new Mercedes-AMG C63 testing in the videos below, along with some tail-out antics from the test drivers.