Mercedes-Benz has already announced that its latest generation mid-size sedan will debut later in February. There have already been countless images of camouflaged test mules posted to the internet in the last few months and plenty of speculation as to the appearance and spec of the new car. Mercedes has been giving select members of the media access to the vehicle ahead of its introduction. In this Mercedes-Benz W206 C-Class first look MercBenzKing gets up close and personal with the latest generation C.

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First contact

From this lightly disguised pre-production model we can see hints of the W206’s styling. As has often been the case the C-Class takes design cues from the larger S-Class (which debuted internationally last year). Other carryovers from the larger saloon are the C-Class’ new infotainment system. The latest generation of Mercedes’ MBUX interface is a large format, full-colour touchscreen in portrait orientation placed on the centre of the facia.

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From the video we also learn about the powertrain of the version that carries the C300 badge. This four-cylinder engine has 190 kW of power and offers an electrical boost component that lifts power above 200 kW for limited periods of time. All powerplants in the new C-Class range are four-pot units, even that of the range-leading C63, which will only be added to the line-up at a later stage.

The Mercedes-Benz W206 C-Class also has active rear-wheel steering, similar to that of the S-Class. This allows for quicker responses at low speed and more stability as speeds rise. Other highlights include a “sailing” function that allows the petrol-fed motor to cut-off completely. Ride along with a senior Mercedes-Benz engineer as he explains some of the ins and outs of the new car.