If you are a true petrolhead you cannot help but marvel at the high watermark that is the McLaren F1. And that holds true whether you are a McLaren fan or not. It’s hard to believe that Gordon Murray’s advanced supercar is now 30 years old. A few lucky owners recently assembled in Italy for the McLaren F1 30th Anniversary Tour.

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13 McLaren F1s

106 Driver’s Club arranged the gathering. The name of the group references the 106 McLaren F1 cars produced. 13 McLaren F1s were brought together: seven F1s, four GTRs and two GTR Long Tails for this unique event. There was also a McLaren P1 as a ‘support vehicle’ and GMA T.50 development prototype. The estimated value of the F1s alone is $200m or R3 195 580 000 by today’s exchange rate.

Click here to watch the horrendously expensive convoy being loaded onto a ferry to cross Lake Garda.

Quick Recap

The McLaren F1 was the brainchild of, South African, Gordon Murray renowned in motorsport circles for his groundbreaking F1 racers. The car featured a novel three-seater arrangement with the driver taking a central position ahead of two passenger seats. BMW designed and built the naturally aspirated V12. It is, till today, the fastest naturally aspirated production car in the world.

Learn about the record-setting run from the man behind the wheel by clicking here.

In The Wild

YouTuber Bozzy managed to catch up with the McLaren F1 30th Anniversary Tour as it made its way around Northern Italy a few weeks ago. He spent time capturing the cars after the left the ferry. Later on he captured each one out on the road as the owners enjoyed the Italian countryside.