McLaren Automotive launched the McLaren 720S GT3 customer racecar late last week. The new GT3 challenger is based on the much-vaunted 720S supercar. The final product is undergoing testing for a 2019 competition debut.

“It was an incredibly exciting moment for us to see our new 720S GT3 begin the intensive track-based phase of a development programme that we are confident will provide our customers with a first-class GT racecar,” commented Mike Flewitt, McLaren Automotive Chief Executive Officer.

Good basics

McLaren 720S GT3 is based on the light but immensely stiff carbon-fibre MonoCage II structure. A race-prepared version of the 4,0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine (dubbed M840T) provides the power. The motor has been slightly retuned for better response with a new torque curve for better on-track performance.

Click here to see a video explaining why the McLaren 720S is such a devastatingly quick road car. 

More than ninety per cent of components have been changed for competition. The bodywork, aerodynamics and suspension transmission and braking system have undergone extensive revision.

Carbon-fibre and composite body panels are all unique to the 720S GT3, while a bespoke splitter, floor assembly and dive-planes distinguish the front and the tail gets a GT3-spec rear wing.

A replacement six-speed sequential gearbox is equipped with a new electronic shift actuator to increase shift-speed, usability and reliability. A limited slip differential is fitted, as are cockpit-adjustable traction control and ABS.

The uprated braking system comprises a new brake caliper design and enhanced cooling, for maximum performance and longevity. Driveshafts and wheel hubs are race-oriented and a fast-change, centre-lock wheel design minimises the time required for wheel changes.

FIA-approved GT3 race equipment fitted as standard includes an all-new roll cage, winged-headrest seat and six-point harness, roof-hatch extraction system and side-impact foam.

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Oh, if you really must know, the price of the McLaren 720S GT3 is £440 000