A few months ago we brought you a story of the Ferrari SP38. That car was built in-house for a valued client of the brand. In keeping with the SP38 and other limited edition Ferraris, the Italian brand has just unveiled two new models known as Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2.

According to the press blurb these are the first in a new segment called ‘Icona’. This new range will draw inspiration from the most evocative Ferraris of the 1950s and feature the most advanced sports car technology available today.

A secret unveiling

If you are lucky enough to have Ferrari management on speed-dial, then you were probably at the secret unveiling event earlier this week. Many of Ferrari’s most valued customers were invited to view the two new models ahead of their official debut.

Short supply

Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 will be made in short supply. The exact number has not yet been confirmed but we have read that only 100 units of each derivative will be produced. The cars draw on inspiration and name from old racecars from the marque such as the Ferrari 750 Monza (pictured above). Both cars are open-top speedsters, with SP1 and SP2 referring to the seating count.

Small footprint

A low waistline along with minimal front and rear overhangs give the car extremely compact dimensions. From the images, you can see simple lines with very little clutter or aero addenda. Small headlamps are contrasted with a body-wide rear light bar. A large diffuser flanks quad tailpipe finishes.

Inside the tight cabin is a raft of switches all angled towards the driver. Occupant/s are barely shielded from the wind, just small wind deflectors are in place. The rear roll-over hoop/s are covered by a cowl that extends into the rear bodywork.

Plenty of firepower

Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 are based on the Ferrari 812 Superfast. This means it these models will powered by the same high-revving 6,5-litre, V12. For the Monza twins, power is rated at just over 600 kW. The front-mounted engine channels power to the rears wheels via a twin-clutch transmission. The bodywork is constructed from carbon-fibre while the platform is aluminium.

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Considering the open-top nature of the design, the Ferrari Monza twins aren’t as fast as the SuperFast. Lower mass, quoted as 1 500 kg, makes for 0-100 km/h in 2,9 seconds and 0-200 km/h in 7,9 seconds.

Nicolo Boari, Ferrari’s head of product marketing, reportedly said at the client event that the Monza would be “the most powerful ever in Ferrari history”. And that the open-cockpit would make the cars “probably the closest and purest driving experience to the Formula 1”.

All gone

Initial reports suggest that all the cars in the production run have already been spoken for by those who attended the private unveiling earlier this week.

For those lucky few, Loro Piana and Berluti, have created gentlemen-driver-inspired apparel and accessories. The selection includes racing overalls, jersey, helmet, gloves, scarf and driving shoes.

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