Double Apex reader and BMW fundi, Grant Usher, spotted the new BMW 3 Series test mules running around the streets of Munich while visiting BMW HQ. Usher was quick enough to grab his camera and shared these pics with us exclusively.

Soon to market

The current BMW 3 series is almost seven years old, hard to believe. A replacement is due for release, and judging by these test and development mules the new model could break cover soon.

Speculation is rife that the next generation 3 Series, model code G20, will debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show this October. That would explain these highly camouflaged models spotted in BMW’s hometown.

Reports suggest that the new BMW 3 Series will feature 48V architecture, which brings with it the chance of hybridisation across the model range. Other highlights are said to include a reduction of overall mass per derivative.

Click here to see the new BMW Z4 undergoing dynamic testing.

Family resemblance

Despite the eye-dazzling vinyl wrap, we can still discern a few important details. The overall shape makes the new 3 Series appear much like a scaled-down version of its larger, 5 Series, sibling. Head- and taillamps are not far off either. The front items are wide, squared off items similar to the new 5er.

Twin exit exhaust tips are an indication that the one car is probably a higher-performance M-Sport variant. Our man on the ground did not get a good look inside but will be that the new BMW 3 Series has a similar interior treatment to its siblings, with large format full-colour screens for the infotainment and instrument cluster.

Other test cars

As expected there were quite a few new BMW models roaming the streets of Munich. A Chinese-market-only LWB SUV was spotted at a filling station, most likely an X3.

The brand new BMW 850i was also spotted in public amongst the other afternoon traffic, probably driven by a BMW senior board member.