Comprehensive insurance is always an important factor to consider when looking to protect valuables. This is especially important when looking for motor insurance as South Africa features some of the highest accident rates on its roads. The best insurance combines an affordable insurance premium with comprehensive cover that will provide for the costs of replacing or repairing the vehicle as well as any third party costs that may be involved.

When looking to insure a luxury vehicle, sports or super car, it can be a lot easier to search for insurance quotes online but doesn’t always provide the personal service of an insurance salesman or broker. High end insurance providing for such cars are often more complicated than insuring normal road cars and consequently comes with its own set of challenges. Take one of the world’s most loved super cars, the Ferrari for example. Insurance for a Ferrari has many facets like showroom insurance that covers damage to such a high end vehicle but does not cover scratches, which would be an add-on insurance. It’s then important to calculate the costs of this add on with the costs of re-spraying the vehicle and decide from there.

Ferrari car insurance is considered high risk due to its high costs of repairs. Even a small amount of damage can be very costly to fix which furthers the need for comprehensive motor insurance. However, a collectible super car such as a Ferrari is often a good investment as these cars don’t devalue as quickly as normal cars and can in some case be worth more one day than the car was originally purchased for.

When asking how much Ferrari insurance is it’s important to consider all the requirements of the cover needed. A Ferrari on display in a showroom has a different insurance profile than one that stays in the owner’s garage and is driven on regular basis. Owners that take their cars on a race track will also have different insurance cover needs and will most likely increase the risk profile of their insurance. Ferrari insurance costs are therefore quite specific to the owner and while online quotes can give a good estimate, it will often be better to contact the insurance company directly.