If you are a regular reader of our site you may recall reading about the Aviar R67. This is a Russian-built Mustang replica, based on an aluminium and carbon-fibre platform, which boasts impressive performance claims. The Charge Automotive Electric Mustang is set to become yet another all-electric Pony Car.

British-American muscle

Charge Automotive is a London-based automotive company that usually deals with luxury and high-performance vehicles. They are committed to preserving classic cars of iconic design with advanced electric technology. The company isn’t a fly-by-night operation as it counts Williams F1, McLaren Automotive and Jaguar Land Rover among its clients.

Its latest creation is the Charge Automotive Electric Mustang. Interestingly, the new creations are based on shells that are licensed to preserve the classic design and styling of the original fastback Ford Mustang.

Electric all-wheel-drive

The modern-day muscle car will come fitted with a pair of electric motors providing a combined 350 kW  and 1 200 N.m of torque. The pair of motors are powered by a 64 kWh battery pack. Charge Automotive claims a 0-96 km/h (0-60 mph) sprint time of 3,99 seconds courtesy of the all-wheel-drive system. Top speed is quoted as 239 km/h, and the range is claimed as 320 km.

We catch a quick look at the interior (in the video below) and it the car will come with multiple driving modes. It seems drivers can tailor the ride quality, and choose between all- and rear-wheel-drive power delivery. Judging by the large format discs clamped by six-pot calipers, as well as those high-performance Michelin tyres, the Charge Automotive Electric Mustang is more than just a boulevard cruiser.

Only 499 units of the Charge Automotive Electric Mustang will be built with prices starting at £300 000 (R5,5m). We plan to begin shipping the ordered cars in September 2019.