For South African motoring enthusiasts and proud car owners just having the car is often not enough. Whatever the make and model of one’s vehicle, a thorough plan of maintenance and servicing are vital to the longevity of one’s set of wheels. The optimum performance level of any car can only be met however through a combination of quality workmanship through certified mechanics and with the use of high quality manufactured parts. These parts must usually come directly from the brand manufacturer of one’s car. While most drivers in South Africa would feel that achieving this much is sufficient there are always those out there that need more. Whether a petrol head or elitist car collector, individuals who love their cars, love their car accessories.

The list of cosmetic additions one can use on their prized vehicle seems endless depending on the brand in question. Common car accessories include specialized cleaning fluids and waxes, car shields and covers and interior lighting equipment. Amplifiers, compact disk and even digital video disk players are used with the ever popular powerful sub-woofer speakers. Even exterior neon strobe lighting has become a trendy accessory amoung young driver who looks the racer image. Further to this, seat covers and racing grips are available for one’s steering wheel. If you are the owner of an elite brand of sports car such as Ferrari, Porsche or Jaguar you may even find a set of clothing branded to match your vehicle that includes caps, shirts and jackets. Not forgetting the ever important branded key ring.

Accessories for cars are a luxury excess for many people whose car is simply a tool to get from A to B. For people who take great pride in owning a particular vehicle however, these simple items are the icing on the cake. Accessories aren’t always expensive when one looks at a simple car radio but installing dvd players in the back for passengers to watch a movie certainly isn’t an option for those on a limited budget. A considerable question to be asked is if the accessory will improve the value of a car when it comes to a potential resale.