In his first column for Double Apex, The Car Guy started to explore the car buying process. You can read his previous advice column by clicking here. Sabelo takes the next step by helping to answer the question: Where to buy?

Last time we were trying to determine the factors you should look at when looking for a new car, we realised how much introspection we had to do to separate needs versus wants. So now we know exactly what we need. Where do we find it and how?

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Where to buy your car?

I’m afraid we are not yet done with the research topic, surely spending so much time at school doing assignments was preparing us for this type of thing in life. It’s not only about seeing a car you like and saying: “That’s what I am buying.” … well sometimes it is but we ought to test the water first if it’s favourable for a nice dip. Let’s get into the nitty gritty. 

First and foremost study your home, work, school, preferred shop mall proximity. Is there a servicing dealership within the radius of your go-to places? You need to ask yourself these important questions: When you need to service or take your car for repairs is it out of your way, will you be late for work when you do, do you need to travel out of your regular path to keep your car maintained? 

Second point relates to spares and parts, should your car require an unplanned check in at your local dealer are parts readily available? Convenience needs to accompany your buy. The last point which is sometimes forgotten by our excitement and quick/impulsive buying urges is resale value.

Crystal-ball gazing

We cannot tell the future, however, there are guidelines that have an impact on your tomorrow by what you do today and that cannot be left to chance. Most people know that cars aren’t an investment unless you’re buying for business purposes, there too, you wouldn’t want your cars losing too much value when it’s time for a change.

We all have to consider when it’s time to change one’s car whether the dealership we bought it from even wants that car back…yes you heard me right. Certain dealers never want to see the headlights again, they are pretty happy seeing the back of it, you driving off and never returning. Why is that? 

Certain car manufacturers, on face value, are on par with the standard of cars being offered these days however their resale values mimic the (sinking) Titanic. How do we know which car has a good resale value without relying on the dealership’s word.

I’ll expand on this in my next column. If you found this info useful, or that of my previous column please feel free to share it using the social media buttons below.