UK auto website, Car Wow, arranges some of the best video content you’re likely to see on the internet, such as this BMW M-car battle. Their tests are certainly interesting to our market as the cars they feature are mostly all available in SA.

Drag races

In previous installments we’ve seen them drag race a pair of supersaloons, namely the Mercedes-AMG E63 S against the BMW M5 Competition, they have also pitted the most powerful SUVs currently on sale today against each other and most recently they have raced some of the quickest hatchbacks on the market in a straight line.

BMW battle

In this video, they try to answer the question that has plagued many performance car and, especially, BMW fans: which is better, the BMW M4 Competition or the BMW M2 Competition? Since the latter was launched many have hailed it as the closest thing to a spiritual successor to the original M3.

The M2 Competition has nearly as much power as its larger sibling but is packaged in a smaller vehicle, which should make it more nimble. In this video, both cars are raced in a straight line, from a standstill and from a rolling start, though the conditions aren’t great for a drag race.

Both cars are then flung around a racetrack for a lap time, in the wet, and then taken for a no holds barred drift session. Click below to see the full video.