Sales statistics really mean nothing nowadays. If one had to rely on sales figures to get an idea of what is the best to buy when it comes to movies, music, smart phones or computers, you are guaranteed to buy a very low-quality item. It is true that Lady Gaga is currently selling more music than Celine Dion, but I think we can all agree who the better singer is.

The same goes for vehicles. Statistics in America show that the F-250 Ford and the Camry (Toyota) are the best sellers at the moment. While these cars are good vehicles, they are hardly the best on the market.

Many cars only sell well because of continuous media punting. Vehicle recovery or car tracking companies also coin it when it comes to punting. They will for instance use a Toyota Camry in their advertising campaign, which in turn not only leads to higher sales but to a belief that the Camry is the best car ever.

Vehicle tracking companies never make use of cars such as the Buick Regal, Ford Flex or the Mazda 5. The strange thing is that these cars are much lower on the “hit” list when it comes to hijackings and car theft, than the F-250 for instance. In addition to this, these cars perform so much better than their famous counterparts.

The Regal is a top sports car and very affordable. The only reason it doesn’t sell well, is because of lack of exposure to the market. Buick is in the process of re-branding and one can only wait and see whether it will make any difference to their sales. Any takers for advertising in the vehicle tracking industry?

The Ford Flex sales are alarmingly low, coming in at under 3000 per month globally. The Flex boasts exceptional acceleration and a V6 engine, and yet it still is not considered good enough to appear on a car tracking ad campaign. Or any campaign for that matter.

The Mazda 5 is an awesome looking car, but has very bad sales figures. Mazda cannot even reach 1500 sales a month on this model. It is a great family car with a lot of space and has a manual transmission giving it more power. But, still the Ford F-250 and the Camry outweighs it by far.