Wondering what the scenes look like when it comes to automobile and motorcycle shipping? How do people transport big vehicles across the globe? Well, today, we’re going to answer that question. Today we’re going to go into the people behind A1 Auto Transport, what they do, and who exactly A1 Auto is. Let’s get started.

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Who is A1 Auto?

A1 Auto Transport is an automobile or other vehicle transportation service that has many offices located throughout the world. They help people transport motorcycles, ATVs, luxury vehicles, and even boats, planes, and yachts.

A1 Auto prides itself on its longevity, as the auto shipping industry is not an easy business to run. Not only that, they are running legitimately with all of their documentation from the DOT and FMCSA.

In 1988, Tony Taylor, one of the founders, purchased his first tow truck in Watsonville, California. In 1992, A1 purchased its first carrier and by 1995, they had amassed a fleet of 50 different transport carriers.

By 2008, they’d successfully shipped over 500,000 vehicles. By 2011, they became cars.com official vehicle shipping agency and continue to help people around the world ship vehicles to any country.

A1 Auto is in a tough industry, yet it excels in every aspect. They can ship any vehicle or heavy equipment to any part of the world. They can even help you fully move houses if you want full moving service.

Who is Behind A1 Auto?

Joe Webster

Joe Webster has been working for decades in the shipping industry. He’s a consultant for A1 Auto. During his time in high school, he worked as a mechanic and part-time until he got his bachelor’s degree. He graduated from the University of Southern California with first honors in Business Marketing. He’s worked with plenty of vehicle companies worldwide and has taken his knowledge to help with the growth of A1 Auto.

To start, he started as a truck driver for A1 Auto. He only wanted to understand how it is to be a driver, so he could later translate his knowledge into growing A1 Auto in his consultant position. Knowing what your employees require on a day-to-day basis helps humanize the process, and keep everyone in check. 

Joe also helped head the marketing in A1 Auto, from SEO to PR to relations with aligned businesses that can help A1 Auto in their journey to become the top transportation service worldwide. Joe is also the transport planner, helping the fleet move vehicles from point A to point B. With 30 years behind him in experience, he has helped shape the online world (and offline) for A1 Auto and continues to help grow the company to what it is today.

Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor is the founder and president of A1 Auto Transport. He’s worked hard and long hours to get A1 to where it is today. He learned early on how much involvement is required and often is hands-on with the current operations. He’s an expert in vehicle logistics, business strategy, cutting-edge transport technologies, and customer service. He is devoted to demonstrating hands-on leadership so his employees follow suit.

Tony realized early on that the auto shipping industry was moving to the online world. With that in mind, he built the website, A1 Auto Transport, from the ground up and continues to innovate in the competitive industry of online marketing. In his spare time, he works as a mentor to help his employees further their careers. He loves creating an environment where everyone grows, not just the people at the top. With many years of expertise behind him, it’s obvious that A1 Auto continues to thrive today.


A1 Auto Transport is more than just a vehicle shipping company—it’s a testament to dedication, innovation, and exceptional leadership. At its core, A1 thrives because of the unwavering commitment of its key figures, like founder Tony Taylor and consultant Joe Webster. 

From humble beginnings with a single tow truck to becoming a recognized global transportation leader, A1’s success story is a blend of strategic foresight, technical know-how, and a deep-seated passion for customer service. With stalwarts like Tony, who envisioned the digital future of auto shipping, and Joe, who brings a wealth of industry experience to the table, it’s no wonder A1 Auto has emerged as a paragon in its domain. Their focus on growth, adaptability, and people-first approach ensures that A1 isn’t just transporting vehicles—it’s driving the industry forward. 

Whether you’re moving luxury vehicles or simply relocating, A1 Auto stands as a testament to what dedication, vision, and teamwork can achieve. Always rely on transportation services that are well-reviewed, and you’ll have no problem getting any vehicle to your required destination.