We’ve featured Joey Logano on this site before. The 2018 Nascar Champion is an ace drifter as well as circuit racer, as you can see from our earlier post. This time Logano has teamed up with Factory Five the company that is well-known in the US for creating some truly outstanding recreations. Their latest is the 1935 Factory Five Drift Truck.

Bespoke from the ground up

This 1935 Factory Five Drift Truck is a bespoke creation from the ground up. It is based around an ultra-stiff chassis of the company’s own design. Incidentally, the chassis was created using the latest in 3D modelling software.

Slotted into the engine bay of Logano’s truck is a Ford Motorsport-sourced V8 motor, usually found in a Nascar, that produces nearly 600 kW and features dry-sump lubrication. Unlike any other Nascar motor, this one has air-conditioning… The motor is mated with a six-speed sequential transmission and features a hydraulic handbrake to initiate sideways action.

Speaking of which, the custom steering rack features an incredible 65 degrees at full lock. Suspension is via Koni adjustable coilovers at each corner, with braking duties handled by Wilwood calipers. Performance should be more than a little brisk as the 1935 Factory Five Drift Truck weighs a touch under 1 300 kg.

You can watch Part 1 and Part 2 of the build process if you wish to learn more about this cool truck. The full action video of the truck’s racetrack debut can be seen below: