Riley Stair is a petrolhead, like most reading this site, who wanted to have his own modified muscle car. What you see here is his ideal road-race machine. Incredibly, Stair built this Widebody Trans Am at his parents’ house. He isn’t a specialist fabricator and does not own a workshop.

He built this crazy-looking machine to showcase his abilities, his rolling business card if you will. Riley’s creation made its debut at the 2018 SEMA show, the annual aftermarket showcase held in Las Vegas. At the event, it attracted the attention of all showgoers as well as the media.

Click here to view a unique, all-wheel-drive muscle car.

Completely custom

The car is based on a 1970 Trans Am, but Stair has essentially dismantled it and rebuilt to his desires. Most eye-catching is the 2,1-metre wide body. Heavily flared arches hide massive slicks. Under the body is a tube frame.

The engine is a custom-built 6,55-litre V8 that revs to an incredible 10 000 r/min. The engine has been moved far back from its original location and now protrudes into the cabin. In its current state of tune, it produces over 520 kW, but the aim is to make nearer 750 kW when it is properly set-up. In part that power rating comes from a compression ratio of 16,25:1, which requires some pretty funky jungle juice in the fuel tank. Stair conceived the car with the eventual aim of going to the track, so it uses push-rod suspension at all four corners that features Ohlins dampers.

Learn more about the Widebody Trans Am from its owner/creator in the video below.