Times are tough, and life has become very expensive hence we constantly trying to save a penny where we possibility can, especially when it comes to pricey insurance premiums. Did you know that there are 12 ways to save money on car insurance that will undoubtedly interest you?
Here is how:

  1. Shop Around for the best package
    Shop around and get numerous vehicle insurance quotes from a variety of companies to get comparative quotes to find the best rate for the best cover from the best reputable insurer.
  2. Increase your excess amount payable should you ever need to claim to lower your monthly premiums drastically.
  3. Don’t’ over insure your vehicle and take depreciation into consideration by ensuring your vehicle for it’s worth today and not what it was worth.
  4. Before purchasing a vehicle, find out how much insurance will be for that specific vehicle according to its high-jacking and/or theft risk factor.
  5. Choose a tailor made insurance cover premium and opt for a pay as you drive insurance premium where you pay a premium based on the mileage done in that month.
  6. Before you move house, make sure that it’s not a high risk area which might increase your insurance premium.
  7. Extra security and safety features, such as tracking, immobiliser, alarm etc.; will insure that you get an insurance discount with a decreased monthly premium.
  8. Enquire about package discounts
    Most insurance companies offer a discounted insurance premium rate if you insure more than one vehicle with them. Instead of having different insurance companies cover each of your vehicles individually, insure them all under one insurance package
  9. Insure your home and vehicle together under one insurance package to take advantage of the discounts.
  10. Enquire about group discounted rates. You will pay a much lower premium if your vehicle is insured under your company’s insurance package.
  11. Uphold a good credit record as a bad credit rating might affect your insurance premium negatively.
  12. Find out if the insurance company offers any discounts if you partake in some of their monitoring programs.