Performance Exhaust is used to increase the cars performance and speed, they are mostly used by people who are involved in racing or love high speed cars. Performance exhausts have different sounds, shapes and sizes; they are usually larger in diameter of the pipe. The design of the performance exhaust maximizes flow of oxygen, allowing air to enter and exit the motor. And they make the car engine perform better, faster and release more power.

The primary job of an exhaust is not only to release gases, but they also help the engine to expel. Exhausts need Mufflers to give them good performance; they can also work on trucks and SUV’s. Performance exhausts are not only designed for sports cars, but also for everyday normal cars. They increase the cars power by mixture of air and fuel, the mixture is ignited to produce power and performance.

Performance exhaust burn the gas and it travels through the pipe and exits from the header. Many cars that have dual exhaust are more powerful and more efficient. The oxygen can get burned fast and improve the engine. Performance exhaust is good for cars that have the proper balance for speed. The engine parts need to be able to handle oxygen intake from the exhaust to burn fuel faster and release gases.

In recent years some people have believed or still believe that a small exhaust releases more gas than a big one. But dual bore size” exhaust make the car faster than small sized performance exhaust. They release oxygen faster and then the engine performs better and faster. Small exhausts make the car slower and take time to increase the performance of the car.

Performance exhaust increase the horse power of the car, they release more carbon dioxide and allow clean air to enter the engine. You need to install the right header, pipes and mufflers for your exhaust to perform better.  Big noisy performance exhaust performs much lesser then smaller performance exhaust.

All different types of performance exhaust will increase the speed and performance on the car. They will help the engine burn fuel faster.