There is a wide variety of car insurance packages on the market today. This means that car owners can find exactly the right car insurance policy for them at a competitive rate.
It is highly advisable that car owners consider their insurance needs before they begin browsing through all the different car insurance options available. This is because the variety of options you are faced with and the sales pitches you will hear can often leave you feeling unsure about what exactly you need and what cover is truly necessary.
Many car insurance providers provide car owners the option of being able to customise a car insurance plan to suit their exact needs. This option has many obvious advantages over choosing a predetermined car insurance package.
A Brief Summary Of The Different Types Of Car Insurance Available:

  • Comprehensive

Many car owners view comprehensive car insurance packages to be the best type of car insurance available. This is because this type of car insurance offers car owners the most peace of mind knowing that they are completely covered while out on the road. Comprehensive car insurance generally include third party insurance, accident cover as well as financial protection against unforeseen events such as natural disasters or theft.
It is important to note that many financial institutions and credit providers stipulate that a buyer must opt for comprehensive car insurance when applying for vehicle finance. Due to the numerous advantages that come with comprehensive car insurance, it is the most expensive vehicle insurance option available.

  • Third party, theft and fire

This is the most cost effective car insurance options available. It is very basic and will cover the cost of damages to a third party’s property if you are involved in a collision.

  • Pay as you go vehicle insurance

This specific type of car insurance is an excellent option because the monthly premium is calculated based on the distance travelled monthly. Pay as you go vehicle insurance can offer excellent coverage at a very affordable rate and in many cases, it works out to be a lot more affordable than comprehensive cover.