In order to meet demand, the car insurance industry has expanded tremendously over the years. There are now so many competitors and multiple car insurance products on the market; it can make one’s head spin trying to sort through them all in order to find the right car insurance at an affordable rate. With the state of our economy more and more people are looking for cheaper car insurance options, while still be able to get the cover they need. Virgin Money Car Insurance is a well-known and established brand, recognized for its quality and cost-effective car insurance solutions. So if you are looking for a car insurance policy that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket while still providing sufficient cover when on the road, Virgin Money Car Insurance could be the answer for you.
Virgin Money Car Insurance offers policyholders one of three options; third party protection, third party fire and theft and comprehensive car insurance. While these are their base options, each policy can be customized to meet your individual needs. This is an important element when taking out car insurance. Each person’s driving needs are different, and as a potential policyholder you need to recognize what your driving needs are and which insurance extras you might need and which you can do without. It is therefore essential that an insurance company understands this and allows you to personalize your insurance policy accordingly. For example, you can choose to include roadside assistance for additional protection on any of the three options outlined above.
Virgin Money Car Insurance also offer a variety of ways in which you can further lower your premium rate. For one, they offer a guarantee to all their policyholders that if your situation is the same when it comes time to renew, the premium rate will stay the same or be better than the previous one. They also offer you the option to increase your excess in order to reduce your premiums. They have other special offers worth looking out for including their refer a friend money saver, which gives you the chance to earn money back if a friend or family takes out a comprehensive insurance policy.
Virgin Money Car Insurance offers all their services online so you can request a quote and submit an application from the comfort of your own home. Taking out an insurance policy with Virgin Money is quick and hassle-free and gives you the peace of mind that you have quality insurance cover at a competitive rate.