Women’s Car Insurance in the SA and what The EU Gender Directive did.

In previous years, female drivers were allowed to pay lower insurance installments, this foundation was created according to the regularity of the claims made. Statistics prove that men are involved in more road convictions in the United Kingdom, than that of woman.
The EU Gender Directive applied in the year 2012, prevented all insurance companies from gender discrimination. Women paid lower premiums due to their low risk profile, and their need to be cautious drivers on the road. The EU Gender Discrimination Act makes it compulsory for women and men to pay a premium after their risk profiles have been individually adjusted.
So what are implications for insurance policy holders? This implies that gender is no longer an important factor when it comes to cheap car insurance. Woman are handled in an equal manner when it comes to insurance, and will have to exercise their researching skills to find the cheapest insurance quote to suit their needs.
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