So you don’t like the sound system that came with your car, you want to put in those sub-woofers that will make your car vibrate and your windows shake,or you want to add that sunroof to let the afternoon breeze blow through your hair on a warm sunny day. Before you do anything you should consider your insurance premiums and how much they are going to increase. Modified car insurance is hard to come by, because dealing with a modified vehicle can prove to be quite tricky and no insurance company wants to take the risk of dealing with a modified car.
Any modification you make to your car, no matter how small is going to make a huge impact on your monthly premiums. Many insurance companies won’t even want to agree to give you such an insurance policy, but there are specialist companies that deal with modified car insurance. Modifications to your car can be a tricky situation to handle. Although modifications sometimes add value to your can it can be a nightmare to insure, but it is not impossible. You can insure your modified car, provided you disclose all modifications that you have done to your car.
Modified vehicles pose a higher risk because vehicles that have been modified to enhance performance are more likely to be in accidents than non-modified vehicles. Installing a security system in your car will not increase your premium because it is a safety enhancement. Always be honest with your broker about any modifications you are planning to make or have made and find out how they will affect your premium in future.
On your own find ways in which you can reduce your monthly premiums, taking professional driving lessons to show that you are not a high risk driver, parking in a garage instead of on the street, installing alarms and gear locks for the safety of your car. You can also pay a higher excess so that your premiums are considerably lower. Regardless of insurance for modified cars might be hard to find but when you do find it, make sure that you find the best deal for you, there are a number of specialist insurance companies that offer various insurance policies and can insure your vehicle for you. Read through your insurance policy and find out what you are covered for and what liabilities you have.