Are you a kit car enthusiast, or a budding hobbyist. Whatever the case may be, there is a certain sense of pride and accomplishment when you step back and look at the masterpiece you built with your own hands. You may have just one or you might have a whole fleet of kit cars which are your most prized possessions. But when it comes to insurance, your needs are put into consideration.
As a kit car enthusiast you might know that anything can happen and so insuring your kit car is of utmost importance. From the moment of purchase, to the delivery to the assembly and the test drive, your insurers are with you every step of the way. Insurance premiums for kit cars are quite high as the value of the kit cars hard to determine and unlike other cars, kit cars also generally accrue value over time. Kit cars come to the buyer as a set of components the buyer will then painstakingly assemble the components to make a complete car.
Kit car owners can take out cover for when the goods are in transit, so that should anything happen to the goods while on the way to the buyer, they are covered for the damages. They can insure more than one vehicle on one insurance policy, a cover can also be taken out for the building up of the kit car so that they are covered for any damages. Most kit car owners hardly drive their cars they are rather put on display for people to come and admire, the kit car owners can take out a cover for displaying them at rallies. All this does not mean the kit car owners can’t get the usual vehicle cover, they can, there are a lot of additional extras that go with their insurance policies.
Once the kit car is fully assembled it is tested to ensure that it is roadworthy and it needs to have a license disk on the windscreen that will need to be renewed annually. Kit car drivers can lower their premiums to by ensuring the safety of their vehicles, they benefit from discounts if they keep their mileage below a certain number, and for those that belong to kit car owners clubs they also earn discounts as may be stipulated in their insurance agreement. Any extras to be added to the insurance agreement will be at an extra cost to the owner and will make their premiums higher.