Most people have taken to importing cars from other countries like directly from Japan or from China. This is based on the fact that imported cars are much cheaper than domestic cars. So instead of going to their local dealership, people go online to try and find the right car for them and if they can, get it customised too.
Once the car enters the country, there begins the problem, you cannot insure an imported vehicle with insurance meant for domestic vehicles. You have to get imported car insurance from a reliable insurer like Utility Saving Expert. Imported car insurance tends to cost a lot more than domestic car insurance and is harder to find insurance companies willing to insure your imported car. The reasons for the premiums being more expensive is that firstly,spare parts usually can’t be sourced locally which increases the premium significantly, the second being the construction of the vehicle might not be the same standards as domestic vehicles and therefore any modification could potentially cost more.
There are two types of imports and those imports can affect your monthly premiums.

  • Parallel imports: these imported cars have the same specifications as domestic cars so nothing needs to be changed on the car. These cars are cheaper to insure than any other imports.
  • Grey imports: these imported cars are very different from the domestic cars, so modifications will have to be done on the car to ensure that it adheres to the standard vehicles. These are the most expensive to insure because of the modifications to the car.

Before you decide on importing a car from another country, try to shop around for insurance quotes and find the necessary documentation, from then on you can decide if it’s worth it. Find out from various insurance companies if the do imported car insurance. You can also find out from specialists and find out how much they charge. There are always cheaper alternatives available in the insurance market, you just have to know where to look and don’t settle for the first option that comes your way. There are definitely ways to keep your insurance premiums down so it is possible to save some money. Although imported car insurers are hard to find but it is possible to find them.
Once you have insured your car, you will have the peace of mind knowing that should anything happen you are insured and taken care of.