Car insurance is one of those taxing, boring things that no one likes going through, but are absolutely important. Car insurance is one of the most important types of insurance you can take out, as your car is likely to be one of the most expensive items that you ever purchase. Getting into a car accident without insurance can leave you with unmanageable costs – sometimes repairing a car after an accident can cost more than purchasing a new car. Without car insurance, this can leave you in a very difficult position.
There are many different types of car insurance you can take out, depending on your individual needs. Some types of car insurance only protect your vehicle in case of an accident. If car insurance is an extra cost that you’re struggling to afford, this is the type of insurance you should take out. While this won’t protect your car from damage from hail, hijacking or vandalism, an accident is usually one of the most expensive things your car can undergo and is the most difficult to pay for if you do not have insurance.
Personal Injury Protection covers the driver for any injuries that are sustained in a car accident, regardless of who is at fault. This is important for people who don’t have health insurance, as this type of insurance will help to cut the cost of medical bills. This type of insurance is also especially important for people who spend a lot of time driving, either for work or leisure. Taxi drivers, long distance truck drivers or those who travel long distances for other reasons can all benefit from this type of insurance.
You can lower your car insurance premiums by minimizing the amount of people who drive the car, ensuring the car is parked in a secure, safe area, having a GPS tracking system installed, having an alarm installed and claiming on insurance only when you absolutely cannot afford to pay for repairs on your own.
Proving how important car insurance is, it is illegal to drive a car in South Africa without insurance. This helps to protect your finances in any worst-case scenario.
Car insurance in South Africa is an important investment to make. You simply cannot escape the many benefits that this type of insurance provides in South Africa. Especially if you’re still your vehicle off, you simply cannot afford not to invest in a decent car insurance policy.
In South Africa, 176 cars are stolen every day. This is a staggering number and you need to protect yourself and your investment from this. Aside from this, the cost of even a small repair will make having car insurance very handy to have. If you add in the associated medical expenses associated with a car accident then this type of insurance is even more essential, especially if you’re involved in a third party collision.
There are of course different types of car insurance policies available to you, all of which are necessary and offer their own sets of advantages and benefits. If you are looking into different types of car insurance policies and would like to learn about their features, then read on:

  • Third party cover
    If you have third party only car insurance then this means that it will protect others if you have an accident. Damage that is caused to your own vehicle due to your own negligent driving will not be covered, unless you are able to prove that it was the fault of someone else. Should this be the case, you will need to claim off their insurance to pay for the damages to your car
  • Third party, theft and fire cover
    This policy adds the possibilities of theft and fire to the mix, which means should your car be stolen or burn into flames, you will be able to claim for it
  • Comprehensive cover
    This is perhaps the most popular of all car insurance policies, especially for new vehicles. With this option you are covered against any happenstance, regardless if you are to blame or not

These are only some of the features of different types of car insurance policies. You should speak to an insurance broker about selecting the best type of insurance policy for you and get a quote from More Cover .