Before you bind yourself legally by signing up with an insurance provider for car insurance cover, ensure that you know exactly what your car insurance requirements are, how to get the lowest premium, what is the most important car insurance you need, and who is the best insurance provider for you?
Determine your car insurance needs:
If you do not know your exact car insurance requirements, here are some questions you may ask yourself that will assist you:

  • What is the current value of your vehicle?
  • Is your vehicle financed, and what is the settlement value?
  • Have you fitted your car with any new performance and/or security features?
  • Do you reside in a high risk area or not, and where do you park your vehicle during the day and overnight?
  • How many people drive your vehicle generally and who is the main driver?
  • Do you maintain a high overall vehicle mileage or low?

Ensure that you have the most important insurance cover:
Third party car insurance cover is simply one insurance policy no driver should ever be without as it protects one financially against any third party claims for any life loss, injuries, vehicle damage and or replacements.
What is the right cover for you?
If you own an old vehicle which is already paid off, third party car insurance cover would be sufficient enough financial cover. However, if you own a brand new vehicle, financed vehicle or expensive vehicle, then the best cover would be a comprehensive car insurance plan.
How to get the lowest insurance premiums:
By increasing your car insurance excess amount payable upon a claim, then your monthly insurance premiums will decrease drastically.
If you fit any extra security features into your vehicles, the insurance provider will award you by offering a discounted insurance rate.
Who is the best insurance provider for you?
Do not sign up with the first insurance provider you come across, rather shop around thoroughly instead to ensure that you have the best provider that will meet your exact needs. The best way to get many comprehensive quotes is to search online.