All of us, unless you’re Superman or Woman, have had a crisis (or several) at some stage in our lives where we’ve needed outside help. Often you cannot find someone to help you. Those of us who are fortunate enough to afford insurance have found “angels of help” in our insurance companies.

Many insurance companies don’t only cover you for insurance for accidents or loss, they have for want of a better word side services for their clients. Here are some of them that you should look into.

  • Road side assistance: They will send someone out to come and assist you if you have broken down or run out of fuel. They can send a tow truck to come and tow your car.
  • Medical Emergencies Assistance: Anywhere that you may have a medical emergency there are personnel standing by to assist with advice or to get help to you.
  • Claim free years / Cash Back / Rewards: Insurance companies do a form of pay back for “good behavior” if you haven’t had to claim on your insurance.
  • Handyman Call: In the event of you requiring someone to repair something (for example a plumber) they will arrange the appropriate person to come to your premises and handle your problem.
  • Legal Advice: Should you be requiring legal advice, for example an accident query situation, assistance will be provided.
  • Online Insurance Services: If you need to file a claim you can do so online without waiting for the call center. This is helpful as you can do so at any time of day or night.

These are services are available depending on the type of insurance and your own requirements.

Certain insurance companies provide community assistance, a form of paying it forward. There is an insurance company that provides points men at major traffic intersections to help with traffic congestion. One that fills pot holes around because the municipalities cannot get them fixed. Both of these companies have provided invaluable assistance to road users and prevented serious problems daily.