Celebs are holding it down with their cars. When money is not an obstacle and ‘making a statement’ is everything then spending on cars is just part of the job of being a celebrity. If it’s cheap, it doesn’t count and if it’s not an exclusive brand then forget it.

But what are the most expensive celebrity cars? There are many brands that celebrities prefer to be seen in by their fans. They also add their own flavour by ‘pimping’ their wheels, interior or their sound system, making the value of the car higher. With celebs it’s almost always about branding and these are some of the most expensive vehicles that are driven by the rich and famous.

The Bentley
It is a symbol of class and sophistication. It oozes exclusivity and echoes rareness.

The Cadillac
Made famous by musicians in the late fifties, this car is for the celebrity that is young and living on the edge. It is the Hollywood glamour car and many celebrities love it.

The Merc
Mercedes Benz has got to be the ultimate celebrity car, whether in C-class or S-class, this beauty exudes timelessness and exoticness that even after many years it is still a car of major status symbol.

Made famous by hip hop musicians and MC’s the Maybach is hot! It symbolises youth and young money. Although it is associated by some, with gangsters and thugs, it is still well liked by the upper crust of the celebs.

How can we forget the car that made our own Khanyi Mbau famous or should we say, infamous. This baby is classy, sporty and wild. It’s fast and it is super stylish. Celebs enjoy the attention that comes with driving this vehicle and to add on the drama, there are only a few of them in South Africa.

The Porsche
The Porsche maybe one of the most expensive celebrity cars to date. It has generated so much publicity in sports and through celebrity endorsement.
There are many cars that celebs like as well, the Range Rover is fast becoming a favourite and then there was the Mini Cooper, before Jub-Jub ruined it for everyone. There is also the Ferrari and BMW.
Celebrities don’t buy a car because it’s the most pragmatic or the most economic but they buy status and a brand that they want to be associated with. In the quest to go ‘green’ however, many celebs have become conscious of the environment and the gaseous fumes that cars permeate, they buy into monohybrid cars and hybrids.