We live in an era where luxury, style and comfort are expected to be as important within a design aesthetic as functionality, versatility and cost effectiveness. When we refer to the latest and greatest trucks of 2012 we are actually only including the luxury end o the spectrum such as sports utility vehicles and pick up trucks, better known locally as bakkies.

The idea and concept behind luxury pick up trucks and sports utility vehicles is actually a fairly new one, it did not really exist one or two decades ago. Your grandparents and in some cases maybe even your parents or example would have found the concept of a luxury work vehicle completely alien. In those eras a work vehicle like a pick up truck was exactly that, a work vehicle, if you wanted luxury then you bought a family car or a sports car.

As popular as sports utility and luxury pick up trucks might be they do have a great deal of work to do in terms of convincing people to buy them simply because we are all currently experiencing a tremendous downturn in the economy, fuel prices are incredibly high and many of these so called SUV’s are not very practical, in fact many of them are not even easy to drive or park.

There is of course a completely practical side to the mighty pick up truck, the diesel driven work horse of so many farmers, off road enthusiasts, adventurers and explorers as well as the many different industrial applications as well. One must balance the absolute utilitarian with aspects of comfort, after all I you spend the majority o your working life inside a utility vehicle a certain amount of comfort is a must.

There are of course many different competing brands to choose from as well as a fleet of new Asian competitors and ultimately it boils down to price and application purposes, one can choose confidently from traditional brands that are instantly recognisable such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz G55AMG, Land Rover Discovery, BMW X6M, brands rom the Far East include Nissan Hardbody and Toyota Landcruiser as well as Korean models Hyundai and SsangYong.
Now these are what I call Big Toys that make a statement every time you are behind the wheel for one of these babies.