Even though the majority of canopies have been developed to serve the same core function, being to provide shade and/or shelter and all structures have powder coated steel frames or galvanized steel frames which determines the actual type of use, they are certainly not all the same and do vary quite a bit especially when it comes to the actual materials used, the shapes, the sizes, the uses as well as the benefits.

Just take skydiving canopies as an example, as it does not serve the same purpose as any other canopy and is made of zero-porosity nylon or low porosity nylon with nine-cell or seven designs.

General outdoor canopies however are mostly made from polyethylene or polyester and are all treated to be waterproof, mildew resistant, UV resistant and to withstand weather conditions. Festival and Circus canopies do not only receive all of the before mentioned treatments, but fire retardant treatment as well.

And the strongest canopies are known to be that of carports or portable sheds and have galvanized steel frames and roofs that are made from heavy duty polyethylene.

Canopies come in all shapes and sizes from small Light Delivery Vehicle canopies to bigger that protects and covers an entire vehicle, up to large enough to cover numerous vehicles. One’s options are truly almost limitless when it comes to canopies. Even the different kinds of canopies for Light Delivery Vehicles that are available on the market today will impress just about anyone.

And for those who believe they have seen it all when it comes to bakkie canopies and bakkie lining rubberising, they will undoubtedly be pleasantly surprised and impressed by the latest,modern bakkie canopy design namely Securi-lid. These canopies give a brand new meaning to the usual canopy as it consists of an aluminium roller-shutter load-body cover to offer even more versatility. Securi-Lid is not only extremely robust but durable as well as cost effective. It boasts of a double latch locking system, a drainage system, a sports-bar fitment and many more advanced features.