Even though there is a law in South Africa that makes car insurance mandatory, having car insurance has many benefits to the insured.

  • In this day and age that we live in having car insurance is a great benefit on its own. Knowing that you have car insurance to reduce your financial risk in the event of theft, injury, natural disaster, public unrest or accident will not only reduce your stress levels but also give you peace of mind.
  • Provided that you don’t make regular and unnecessary claims you may even save money. Imagine having peace of mind and receiving a no claims bonus to spend as you choose.
  • There are different insurance policies available. This makes it easy to find a policy to suit your needs.  Policy cover may include liability cover, theft or loss cover, accident repair cover and uninsured automotive coverage.
  • The best benefit of course is your no claims bonus. Many insurance companies may even bend the rules a bit and allow you to make certain claims without it affecting your no claims bonus.
  • Free roadside assistance is possibly the most immediate beneficial service you will receive as a car insurance policy holder. Should you have a tyre blow out or flat tyre certain insurance companies will assist you with onsite repairs. Certain insurance companies may even supply you with fuel should you suddenly run out and are far from a gas station. You should however make sure your insurance company offers this as a benefit.
  • Towing services are also included in the event of an accident or mechanical failure.
  • Should your car be damaged in such a way that you cannot drive it a rental car may be supplied. This again is conditional to the type of insurance that you have.
  • Some policies may offer the first hour of onsite labour for free. On-site labour includes flat battery and locksmith services.
  • In the event of an accident transport will be arranged for the policy member within a hundred kilometres of the scene of the accident.

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