As more and more African countries find themselves prospering and their inhabitants finding greater than wealth than was the case in the past, those who are able to afford to make the decision to flaunt their wealth by purchasing sports cars from European countries; Nigeria is one such country and the 911 Porsche is one such sports vehicle. Due to the fact that the German car manufacturer Porsche has come to recognise this, they recently made the wise move toward building a car dealership in a town called Victoria District which is located in the capital of Nigeria, Lagos; statistics indicate that in the event that one were to visit Victoria Island he or she would find that it is home to a significant amount of millionaires.porsche 911

Although there are sports car manufacturers who already have dealerships in Nigeria, the 911 Porsche is more suited to the Nigerian market in that the vast majority of the roads that are to be found in Nigeria are not smooth in nature and the design of the 911 Porsche is such that it is more durable than the other sports cars that are on the market in that country.

The willingness of the German car manufacturer Porsche to sell Porsches, including the 911 Porsche, in this country is considered by economic analysts to indicate that more and more European and Western countries are more at ease in respect of investing in African countries, specifically those countries that may be found in the West African region and that this increase in investor confidence may be attributed, in large part, to the fact that the economies of these countries is growing at a rapid and impressive rate.

Porsche stated that it intends to further expand its reach into the Nigerian market by opening an additional Porsche dealership in the capital city of Abuja in the hopes that the sales of the 911 Porsche would grow more than they already have. As things stand at present, the numbers indicate that the number of 911 Porsche owners, most of whom had these 911 Porsches, imported is sitting at two hundred.