Thinking of buying a new car? Most of us will buy a used car at least once at some point in our lives. In this short, yet informative video, Steve Berry (Top Gear) has provided very good tips to keep in mind, and simple ways to check a used car at the dealership. He starts the check on the outside of the car, pay attention to the wing mirrors, the windscreen, bonnet and tread of the tyres. He then moves onto the boot and the bonnets interior. He points out items that may have been removed, misplaced or even ineffective that would cost hundreds of Pounds to replace. Watch out for dealerships reducing the mileage on cars to resell at a higher price. Statistically 1 in 3 cars have their mileage reduced. Upon entering the car he points our visible tell-tale signs to compare with the mileage, basic wear and tear.

You should walk away from a specific car and/or dealership if any of the above tips are identified on your inspection of the car, and what has been advertised does not add up. You are paying a lot of money, and you should be safe in your new purchase.