Standard Car Insurance

If you have a car it is imperative that you have car insurance. Especially in a country like the South Africa where the accident rate on the roads is second to none.
Before starting your investigation into online vehicle insurance you must know what your budget will allow. Never forget to pay your insurance, a lapse in payments could mean a catastrophe. All you need is to have forgotten to pay one month, and your policy could lapse that means no cover.
It’s so easy to get insurance quotes these days. Gone are the days of spending hours on the phone to get quotes. The easiest way, is to get online car insurance quotes. There are tons of companies advertising on the net. You can compare prices easily it’s just a matter of filling in a few details and there you have your quote. It is not a quote in stone, proper documentation will follow to finalise the deal.
Be sure that you state all the correct details when asking for quotes. Apart from the obvious of name and ID numbers, they’ll want to know such things as is the car used for private purposes or business. How old is your car. What sort of security does the car have, is there an alarm, gear lock, tracking device and such. At night is the car secured in a garage, car port or just out in the open. Failure to provide correct information means that you have the wrong cover and you will not be protected. The more protection your car has, the premiums will be less since it is seen to be less at risk.
Do not just accept the first quote you’re given, shop around online you’ve got to get several quotes from different companies. Quotes and cover will vary from company to company. Benefits will differ as well. Some companies offer road side benefits, fixed premiums for a period. No claim rewards are a favourite with almost all companies.