Specialist car insurance is in itself not an insurance policy, instead specialist car insurance is specific type of insurance i.e. sports car insurance. Listed below is a series of specialist car insurance categories.

Learner driver car insurance

Taking out learner driver insurance can be problematic, insurance companies view learner drivers as lacking experience and proper qualification. To make things easier for yourself you should sign up for driving lessons with a recognised driving school.

New driver’s car insurance

New drivers are viewed as high risk; this is because new drivers are involved in a staggering 21% of road accidents. As a new driver you won’t have any trouble getting insurance however you can expect to pay a hefty premium.

Young driver car insurance

Drivers between the ages of 17 and 22 are labelled as high risk mainly because they are ten times more likely to be involved in an accident, as such drivers that fall into this category can expect to pay at least double the premiums than the average motorist.

Black box insurance

Black box insurance is probably one of the best types of specialist insurance. If you are young or live in a high risk area, your vehicle is fitted with a black box tracking device that allows the telematics system to monitor where you drive, when you drive and how you drive. With black box insurance your risk profile can be determined more accurately and your premiums adjusted accordingly.

Modified car insurance

Cars that have been modified will incur higher insurance premiums, for one simple reason modified vehicles equals higher claims. So you should maybe think twice before modifying your car.

Classic car insurance

Unlike common belief classic car insurance does not cost an arm and a leg, classic car insurance premiums are pretty standard due to the fact that classic cars are not driven as much and they are better maintained. The definition of what counts as a classic car varies from one insurer to the next so it is recommended you speak to your insurance agency before taking our classic car insurance.

Sports car insurance

If you can get an insurance company to insure your sports car, you may expect to pay an extraordinary high monthly premium. The reason for this is simple, sports cars are capable of travelling at high speeds and the replacement of parts for sports cars is very expensive.

Kit car insurance

Kit cars are cars that have been built from scratch hence the name. Owners of kit cars may have to take out salvage retention cover, and this will allow them to use any salvageable parts should the vehicle be involved in an accident. Because kit cars are valued differently it is all the more important to take out kit car insurance.

Multi car insurance

Multi car insurance may be beneficial to households that have more than one vehicle, not only will you save on monthly premiums keeping track of renewals will never be easier.

South African Car insurance

Commonly your insurance won’t cover taking your car abroad, if they do don’t expect more than a basic third party cover.

Short term car insurance

In general insurance policies last for twelve months before they have to be renewed, with short term car insurance you can insure you car anywhere from one day to one month whatever suits your needs and best of all you are only charged for the duration of the policy.

Business car insurance

You need to be specific when taking out insurance, insurance for business vehicles are different from normal insurance. Insurance premiums will be higher because the vehicle travel more and as such is more likely to break down or to become involved in an accident. In addition to this there are different levels of business car insurance so you will have to speak to your broker about the insurance type that best suites you.