Insurance companies consider two changes in life to be significant: turning 25 and getting married. Both of these changes can contribute to lower insurance rates. It is said that both of these indicate a higher level of responsibility and therefore a lower probability that something goes wrong. All car insurance companies will require your date of birth when putting a quote together for you, not many ask for your marital status.
A discount based on marital status can come in the form of a multi-car discount – combining both of your cars onto the same policy can result in a discount on the insurance rates that you pay. Other factors will influence the rate anyway, such as claims history, but in some cases there can be big savings of up to 50% on car insurance. A number of things can affect the premium you pay to have your car insured. Some of these factors include the make and model of the car insured, the age and condition of the car, the replacement value of the car, the market value of the car, your age, and your claims history. Increasing the security measures of your car will also help save you on car insurance. Installing things like anti-hijack measures, a gear-lock or a tracking device will decrease the amount you pay on your car insurance each month. Another thing to consider is that the fewer drivers per car, the less the premium is going to be. All of these factors will still be considered when an insurance company gives you a quote.
If the changes are recent, it may be a good idea to get quotes from other insurance companies, as switching to another car insurance company may save you more money. It is never harmful to re-evaluate your insurance situation regularly in any case. When looking to switch to another company, the biggest thing to look out for is the average savings for a multi-car policy versus the average discount for a married couple. Investigate all your options and see where you find the biggest savings.