Car insurance can amount to a sizable expense each month. If you are on a tight budget then these tips will help you to save some money by reducing your car insurance premium.
Make annual payments
Many car owners pay insurance on a monthly basis and they do not realise that they can benefit from a sizeable discount by simply switching over to annual payments. This is because insurance companies usually charge a processing fee on every payment made. So, instead of having to pay twelve separate processing fees throughout the year, you would only be paying one.
Opt for a larger excess
This is one of the quickest and easiest ways of decreasing your car insurance premium. Contact your insurance provider and request a larger excess. This is the amount of money payable when you make a claim with your insurance company. The higher excess will translate into a more affordable premium. However, it should be noted that the excess, while higher, should still be affordable in the event that you do need to make a claim.
Park your car in a more secure location
The location in which your car is parked for the majority of the day, i.e. at home or at work, will influence your risk profile quite a bit. By increasing the security of the car you would be improving your risk profile and essentially reducing your premium. Parking your car in a locked or guarded garage for example, is a lot safer that parking in the street.
Improve your car’s security
This option will require some investment on your part but you will benefit from a reduced car insurance premium. Installing an alarm system, immobiliser, tracking device or adding a protective coating to your windows will all help to improve your risk profile.
Be a better driver
This is a factor that is regularly overlooked. By improving your driving skills, you would be improving your risk profile. Decreasing the amount of traffic law infringements committed and taking an advanced driving course may help to reduce your premiums.