Car crashes have become such regular daily occurrences that hardly any incident report tend to surprise car insurance companies any longer. However, there are still the occasional car crashes that occur due to absolutely stupid and careless driver behaviours that leaves everyone completely speechless and astounded. And what’s even more surprising is the amount of luxury vehicles that are involved in stupid car crashes as one might assume that the pricier the vehicle, the more careful the driver would be and the more alert to avoid any unnecessary car crashes which is obviously not the case.

Just to name a few examples from the 10 Most Stupid Luxury Car Crashes car insurance companies have heard of:

  • Driving a Ferrari California, which has been driven by renowned race car drivers namely Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso, straight into a sandpit

    The Chief Executive Officer of a supercar manufacturer Ferrari, ‘Luca di Montezemolo’ drove straight into and got stuck into a sand portion surrounded by tire walls with a convertible namely Ferrari California, when he decided to drive off the actual course just to be closer to the stands.

  • Crashing into a tree and splitting the tree in half, on wet roads, with an Aston Martin D89.
    A Polish driver decided to showcase his very own Aston Martin in the rain, lost complete control of the vehicle and crashed straight into a tree. One wonders how he explained this stupid to the car insurance company.
  • Crash landing an Australian Holden Commodore sports car onto the roof of a home in Sydney by colliding into a dirt embankment which projected the vehicle over a six and a half foot fence before becoming airborne.
  • Crashing straight into a parked Van with a Lamborghini Diablo in attempt to showcase the impressive sports car’s cornering’s abilities.
  • Dropping a Ferrari F430 Spyder from a dealership’s truck by accident, leaving it suspended on the truck’s ramp.
  • Colliding into two vehicles with a BMW X5 while trying to park at a gym.
  • Colliding into the rear of a Van with a Dodge Viper on the highway