Finding car insurance for the first time, or switching to a new insurer can be a really frustrating process unless you know how to maximise your time spent on the internet looking for quotes.
When you start your search, try logging on to the sites of the biggest service providers in your area. You can send an email request for a quote, but it is usually a better idea to phone the service provider so that you can talk them about your particular needs.
When you speak to these service providers, ensure that you know the make, model and year of your car, as well as the mileage so that they know what group you fit into. Some may even ask you for your car’s engine number, though this is not a necessity. Remember that the more information you give the company, the better quote you will receive.
When you have spoken to a consultant, ask them to email the quote to you so that you can keep it on file. Ensure that you get at least three to four quotes so that you can compare, and don’t go straight for the cheapest one. Look at all they are offering, including the excess and the type of coverage. You may find that the provider with the cheapest quote is not the one that can give you the coverage to suit your needs.
Before you accept any quotes, think about which service provider you want to go with. Choose your top two and then do some research. If you look online for that service provider and find a lot of complaints, they may not be the right one to go with. Of course, every service provider will have some customer complaints, but these should not outweigh the compliments.
If there is anything in the quote they have sent you that seems unclear, ask about it. It is only by asking questions that you will figure out what is and is not included and how this affects you, and your car, should you have an accident or if your car is stolen.