Car insurance, while valuable, can be quite expensive. There are however, many different things that you can do in no more than a few days that will notably reduce your car insurance premiums. The top five tips will be listed and discuss below:
Install an alarm system:
This is one of the best tactics and most alarm systems can be installed in a few hours. By installing an alarm and immobiliser you would be drastically reducing the likelihood of your car being stolen and this will bring down your insurance premiums.
Have your windows reinforced:
Smash and grab crimes are quite popular in South Africa. Having your windows reinforced with a special coating that protects you if you should fall victim to this crime can also be done in a weekend. This coating will ensure that your window does not simply just shatter and will give you time to get away and prevent the criminal from gaining access to your car.
Have a tracking system installed:
Tracking systems are viewed as particularly valuable to an insurance company because it means that your vehicle will always be recoverable even if it is stolen. This will improve your risk profile by quite a bit.
Book an advanced driving course:
There are many service providers that offer advanced driving lessons over the weekend. These lessons help to prepare you to handle extreme driving conditions. By improving your driving ability, you would be much less of a risk to insure. Thus, your premiums should be reduced after you complete the course and inform your insurance company.
Increase your excess:
This is an excellent tip because you can complete this step in just a few minutes. All you need to do is contact your insurance company and request a higher excess. Due to the fact that your excess is increased, your premiums will automatically be reduced.
Any action that would decrease the risk associated with ensuring you and your vehicle will help to make your monthly premiums that much more affordable.