The people of New South Wales, Australia can rest a little easier knowing that their police force are now driving one of the fastest sports-cars around. Trading in their older Porsche Panamera’s for brand spanking new Carrera 911’s, the New South Wales police have explained that the cars will be used primarily at community events, charity fund-raisers and youth programmes rather than the high-speed chases we’re all imagining.



The design was chosen when police asked students in New South Wales to submit entries for a competition in picking the paint job. The winning design was from a 31 year old student, Sam Nejat, who is studying at the University of western Sydney. No modifications have been done, meaning it comes powered by a stock 3.4 litre flat-sic engine producing 350 horsepower and 287 Nm of torque.  New South Wales now joins the likes of Dubai as police departments who have supercars as a part of their fleet.