Older drivers pay less on car insurance than younger drivers as they are more experienced. This notion is based on statistics which insurers use to determine appropriate premium based on age group.

However the situation does change if you are over 70 and especially if you are retired. Your premium may still be lower than that of a young driver but be more than that of a 50 year old driver.
As with most aspects of vehicle insurance there are some things you can do to save on your premiums. One obvious way is to make use of SmartQuote where you will receive several quotes; this means you can choose the option that is more to your liking. Following this we look at additional factors that may have a tangible effect on your premiums.

Do you really need the optional extras?

Car insurance for over 70’s sometimes comes with optional extras such as legal protection, car hire, car breakdown cover, and roadside assistance.

Before considering to cancel these optional extras consider which of these items is essential. The choice you make is determined by your circumstances. For example if you own an older vehicle then breakdown cover may make sense as it is more likely that your vehicle may experience some sort of mechanical failure.

Often it is more expensive to take these services as add-ons, it is best to have them as standard options. It is worthwhile to note that the cheapest car insurance is not always the best. Carefully read through the policy documentation to ensure that you will receive the appropriate level of cover for your circumstances.

Steps you could take to reduce your insurance premiums

The following may reduce your insurance premiums:

  • Install a good vehicle security system.

  • Park your vehicle in a secure locked garage.

  • Limit the distance you cover per year, as this may increase your voluntary excess in the event of a claim.

  • By increasing your excess your premiums may be reduced.

Always take into account your personal circumstances and study policy documentation thoroughly.