The advent of the Internet has made life a lot simpler for the potential car insurance policy holder. By cutting out the middle man, the client is not only able to save on her/his premiums; they are also able to receive comprehensive information on the various policies available, their shortfalls and strengths as well as all-inclusive quotes. A very important added benefit is that the client no longer has to spend hours on the phone with insurance brokers. Notably, all these benefits come at no extra cost to the consumer.
On-line insurance, like traditional forms of buying and selling insurance policies, is premised on the principle of utmost good faith, which entails that both the insurer and the client have an implicit obligation to disclose all relevant information in order for the process to be legitimate and in order for the contract to be considered valid. On-line insurance has taken a process that used to require a long and complicated exercise of underwriting and sales – which in turn involved the efforts of a large team of employees including inbound and outbound sales staff – and turned it into a seamless and simple process that can be performed in a matter of hours.
The online insurance application process can help to ensure that the client receives tailor-made insurance specific to their needs and profile. Importantly, with online insurance, the client no longer has an excuse for not understanding the full nature of their agreement with the insurance company, as all fine print and possible drawbacks of the agreement are laid out in simple terms, and the client can spend as much time as they need to peruse through all the terms and conditions. The client is also able to make comparisons with other service providers and therefore can make the decision as to which policy to purchase without any pressure and deceptive marketing ploys. Once the client has come to their decision, the remainder of the process is completed by the chosen car insurer. While the completion of the process might involve some administrative work, online car insurance has helped to curb the volumes of paperwork that used to make purchasing car insurance such a nightmare.