Many car owners try to find the best possible car insurance quote-insurance companies can offer because that would ensure that they get the best possible value for their money. The current economic situation has left many South Africans in tough financial situations and this is why they look for the best deals possible before spending any money.
It is important to note that the best car insurance quote insurance companies can offer will not simply be the cheapest one. It will be the quote that offers car owners the best possible value and service for their money while still being quite affordable. Value is determined by the cover on offer as well as value added benefits such as a free towing service and cash back plans.
Negotiating A Better Car Insurance Quote
Many times people feel that a quote should be disregarded if they cannot afford it but this is most certainly not true. Once you obtain a quote from a car insurance company, there are ways of obtaining a better and more cost effective quote from them. We will be discussing a few of these methods below.
The first thing that you can do after receiving a car insurance quote that you would like reduced would be to contact the company and let them know that you received a cheaper and more affordable quote from their competition and that you would like them to match it or beat it. Many times, the consultants will be able to offer you a better deal based on this.
Another tactic would be simply call the car insurance provider and let them know that you simply cannot afford this quote that they have offered you and would like it reduced. They may be able to tweak elements such as the premiums and excess to offer a more affordable policy.
Many insurance companies can also advise you regarding what you can do to decrease your risk profile and your car insurance quote. This usually include things such as increasing your car’s security as well as where you park the car during the day and night.