It’s been almost ten years since Ford produced a GT, and at that time 4,000 units were produced each retailing for around $ 150,000. When Ford announced at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year that they planned on reviving the GT once again there were some suspicions that the new sportscar would carry a heftier price-tag than the last GT, but few imagined just how expensive it would turn out.

The news broke at the Geneva Auto Show that the upcoming Ford GT will cost buyers a whopping $400,000, putting it in the same price range as a Lamborghini Aventador. In order to justify the price, Ford are capping production at just 250 units making exclusivity a big part of their marketing strategy.
No official production figures have been announced yet, and the new Ford GT will only be making it’s debut in 2016, so only time will tell if the world is ready for a $400,000 Ford.